Creating a MetaMask Wallet and buying Crypto and NFT’s (Part 1)

On your phone it is available from the App Store and Android Marketplace

Now the important part

After setting your password, do NOT click “remind me later”… Reveal your secret words (also known as seed phrase or secret backup phrase) and write them down right away…. At least twice.

Left: Mobile | Right: Desktop

Never Forget: Part 1

Nobody else has your password, or the ability to reset it

Instead of the web2 password reset function, the Seed Phrase/Secret Backup Phrase is your “get out of jail free card” in the event of a lost password (did you download 1Password?) and you can write it down as many times as you want ( I suggest as many as you physically can) and store them in secure places .

Never Forget: Part 2

Do not ever share your seed phrase with ANYONE

Nobody with good intentions will ever ask for it, even if they “say” they work for MetaMask, the local church, or the government. They do not. Nobody needs your password or seed phrase unless they are stealing your account.

Never Forget: Part 1 & 2 combined

Nobody with good intentions will ever ask for your password or seed phrase

Please, remember this always, because if you lose your password and seed phrase, you cannot regain access to your account. No matter how much is inside.

Metamask mobile app
  1. Use the Metamask browser to head to your favorite NFT Exchange like Opensea or rarible



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